Art, Circus & Mindfulness Workshops for Children in London


Summer dates:

22nd - 26th July & 12th - 16th August

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We run totally unique Art and Circus workshops for children in London aged 5 - 12 with elements of well-being and mindfulness to help prepare your child for the day ahead. Bringing more creativity, confidence, fun, play and well-being to your child. Every week is centered around a different theme so your children will always be doing fun and exciting activities. We also offer healthy organic snacks throughout the day.



The art element is about encouraging children to be more creative and really use their imagination and create something totally unique! Art is also known for being very therapeutic and enable your child’s creative thinking and also is a great tool to calm the mind and bring more balance. We aim to get your children to think out side of the box and each week there will be a different theme. We will make a wide range of different things based around a different theme each holiday so the children will always be creating new and exciting things.



Circus is very popular at the moment and for good reason too. It brings a whole new element to the workshops, the children get to learn new skills which they can then practise home. The combination of the sitting down and making and the physical activity of the circus works very well together. When seeing a circus show l have found that the children always want to get involved themselves, and now they can. Finally the performance elements of the workshops helps the children with presenting themselves and confidence.



Well-being and mindfulness are two things that l think are very important to introduce to children at a young age, so they can develop these very simple tools to manage their own emotions, easily reduce stress and anxiety, and be more focused and engaged. Mindfulness is something that would benefits adults as well as children. During the workshops we will start the day with simple exercises to help the children, calm the mind, connect to themselves and prepare for the day. We will end each day with 1 minute of quite reflection, games and mindful dancing.

My Son really enjoyed designing and decorating his own hula hoop and my daughter’s favourite activity was making a genuine magic wand! They were both inspired by the infectious enthusiasm of the adult helpers.
— Luke Whitelaw

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